Convey Alerts

Our Alerts service solves the perennial problem of retaining conveyancing clients across the home moving cycle. With ever-longer homeowning cycles, retaining former clients is getting more challenging.

The Convey Alerts notify conveyancers when their former purchase clients newly list their properties for sale.

This timely intervention means conveyancers can retrieve their purchase file and make contact with their former clients with an offer to act in their sale and any related purchase transaction.

What are you getting?
•    Thousands of Alerts are being sent out each month
•    Reported conversion rates are between 35% - 40%
•    Acquisition costs are viewed as highly cost-effective


Market Insights

Market insights have been designed to address the dearth of reliable and pertinent Business Intelligence in the industry.

We provide authenticated data on residential property transactions and attribute each case to the purchasing conveyancer.

Using the intuitive platform, users can effortlessly drill down and interrogate the data to understand their own competitive position as well as that of their key competitors and also to profile any geographic area.

The range of applications for this insight is as broad as the range of decisions firms need to address and includes
•    Measuring performance
•    Driving sales and marketing activity
•    Identifying and tracking the competition
•    Informing business planning
•    Setting key performance objectives

“Staying in touch with clients over the home-owning cycle is a real challenge for every busy conveyancing firm. Alerts work for us because it is an easy, cost-effective way for us to be seen by former clients as proactive and on the ball”. We’ve benefited from many instructions from previous clients as a direct result of this initiative with a healthy pipeline of outstanding quotes. We’re delighted with the results. Some of our clients may have returned to us anyway, but the Alerts puts us in the driving seat. As a business, we’re actively engaging with our strongest market segment, not sitting back passively hoping they remember us.”

“Ordinarily, we don’t expect to be the first port of call for former clients who last moved many years ago so using these Alerts has been a really important part of our client retention programme. We really enjoy making contact. Former clients are pleasantly surprised to hear from us and we are typically congratulated for being on the ball. It’s a really warm dialogue. We estimate that well over 40% of these opportunities have been converted into new instructions. The cost makes the service a no–brainer for us. The acquisition cost works out at about 3% of our average fee – far and away our most cost-effective marketing.”

“The Market Insights have changed the way in which we think about the development of our conveyancing business. With the information it offers, we've been able to add a new level of objectivity to our business planning and its factual base has helped my partners understand more clearly just what we can achieve."

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