Resources that provide conveyancers insight into market trends.


Take the Blinkers Off and Use Data to Create a Winning Business Plan

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Don't create a plan based on conjecture. Download the playbook to explore why data is crucial for conveyancers and how you can leverage it to gain a competitive edge in the market.


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Embracing Conveyancing Software in 2024

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Download the playbook that delves into the reasons why conveyancers
should consider adopting and embracing software to enhance
efficiency, reduce costs and improve processes.


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Practical Ways Data Can Improve Your Business Performance

We joined up with InTouch to discuss how to make the case for data, how to make data actionable, what data you already have and the data you could gain. Download our on-demand webinar to find out more.

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Reconnecting JP Goldman With 100% Of Their Former Clients

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TwentyConvey has helped JP Goldman, specialists in residential and commercial property law, better understand their performance in the market and reconnect with their former clients. We caught up with Daniel Hewitt, Managing Director at, JP Goldman who explains how we have propelled their business efforts.

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The Benefits of Upfront Information: Why Conveyancers Should Engage Homemovers Sooner

Take a read of our article in Today’s Conveyancer that outlines the value of Upfront Information and how the implementation of it is beginning to build momentum.


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National Conveyancing Week

To celebrate National Conveyancing Week, we met with Mark Montgomery of Simplify, the UK's leading independent conveyancing and property services business, and Martyn Baum, the founder of the leading estate agency Reed & Baum to discuss how conveyancers and estate agents can work together to speed up the buying process.

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Conveyancer Insights Product Review Webinar

Richard Hinton talks to Conveyancer Insights for a product review of Convey Insights.


Tackling the data “vacuum” facing conveyancers

Richard Hinton discusses with David Opie host of Today's Conveyancer Podcast the “vacuum of market intelligence” that conveyancers face when it comes to using data to drive their businesses forward.